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The 28th Conference of Parties (COP-28) Summit, a pivotal global gathering aimed at addressing climate change, is set to emphasize a crucial aspect that's often interlinked but not adequately highlighted: health. Organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), this summit marks a paradigm shift in addressing environmental issues from a health-centric standpoint.

Context and Significance

With the recent escalation in climate-related disasters, there has been a growing recognition of the intricate relationship between climate change and public health. The COP-28 Summit acknowledges this correlation and aims to highlight the urgency of adopting measures that not only mitigate climate change but also safeguard human health.

Key Focus Areas

The agenda of COP-28 Summit revolves around several pivotal areas:

1. Air Quality and Respiratory Health

Pollution resulting from industrial emissions and vehicular exhaust significantly impacts air quality, leading to respiratory issues and increased susceptibility to diseases. COP-28 will prioritize strategies to mitigate pollution and protect respiratory health.

2. Climate-Induced Diseases

Rising temperatures and altered climate patterns contribute to the spread of vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, and Lyme disease. The summit will address strategies to combat these climate-induced health threats.

3. Access to Clean Water and Sanitation

Climate change poses challenges to water resources, affecting access to clean water and sanitation. COP-28 aims to ensure equitable access to these essentials, crucial for maintaining public health.

4. Mental Health and Climate Anxiety

The mental health impacts of climate change, including anxiety, stress, and trauma resulting from natural disasters, will be a key area of discussion. Initiatives to support mental health resilience in the face of climate crises will be addressed.

India's Role and Commitment

As a significant participant in global climate action, India plays a crucial role in advocating for health-oriented strategies within the COP-28 Summit. The country has consistently emphasized the need to integrate health considerations into climate policies, aiming to protect its population from climate-related health risks.


The COP-28 Summit's focus on prioritizing health within the climate change discourse marks a progressive step towards holistic environmental policies. By recognizing and addressing the health impacts of climate change, nations can pave the way for a more sustainable and healthier future.

Stay tuned for updates and outcomes of the COP-28 Summit as global leaders convene to chart a path towards a healthier and more resilient world.