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Odisha, a state rich in cultural heritage and natural resources, possesses immense agricultural potential. However, this potential remains largely untapped, hindering the state's journey towards achieving sustainable food security.

Challenges in Odisha's Agriculture

Discuss challenges such as:

  • Lack of modern farming techniques
  • Climate change impacts
  • Infrastructural limitations
  • Small and fragmented landholdings
  • Market access issues

Potential Solutions

Highlight potential solutions to address the challenges:

  1. Promotion of modern farming practices like precision agriculture
  2. Adoption of climate-resilient crop varieties
  3. Investment in rural infrastructure
  4. Consolidation of land holdings
  5. Improvement in market linkages

Government Initiatives

Detail government schemes and initiatives supporting agricultural development in Odisha:

  • Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA)
  • Odisha Millets Mission
  • Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)

Role of Technology

Explain how technological advancements can revolutionize Odisha's agriculture:

  • Use of drones and AI for crop monitoring
  • Mobile apps for market information and advisory
  • Biotechnology for improved crop yield


Summarize the importance of unlocking Odisha's agricultural potential for sustainable food security. Emphasize the need for concerted efforts from the government, farmers, and stakeholders to realize this potential and ensure food sufficiency while safeguarding the environment.