Rethinking Assessments: A Critical Evaluation of the Examination Framework
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The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts various examinations to select candidates for prestigious government positions. However, the current examination framework often faces criticism due to its limitations and challenges.

Challenges in the Examination Framework

1. Rote Learning and Memorization: The emphasis on rote learning and memorization discourages critical thinking and practical application of knowledge.

2. Standardized Testing: The reliance on standardized testing may not effectively evaluate a candidate's comprehensive understanding of subjects.

3. Subjectivity in Evaluation: The subjective nature of evaluation in certain papers or interviews may lead to inconsistencies and bias.

Potential Reforms

1. Shift towards Application-based Assessments: Introducing assessments that focus on practical application rather than mere memorization.

2. Integration of Technology: Leveraging technology to conduct examinations in a more secure and efficient manner.

3. Revamping Interview Processes: Implementing structured interviews to minimize subjectivity and bias in evaluations.


Reforming the examination framework is crucial to identify candidates with diverse skills and aptitudes. The UPSC should consider a comprehensive overhaul to ensure a fair, transparent, and inclusive assessment process.